Friday, November 10, 2006

more time for preparations

just wanted to say that i had 2 days of 2 hours of contractions in the evenings and one evening of one hour contractions that were really very painful (more intense than Braxton Hicks but not the "real" take-your-breath-away contractions.) yesterday i had maybe 4 contractions. things have really slowed down, so i guess we have a bit more time to wait yet. more time for housecleaning and general reorganization! yay!

yesterday afternoon and evening were great. i'm glad i was around to enjoy it. i had a "new mom to be" gift from my friend Karley, she cut and highlighted my hair. i love how it turned out and i feel very perked up from it!

then we went over to the Hetzlers' for a much awaited roast beef dinner (we've been trying to get together on a Thursday night for several weeks but Derek either had worship team practice or work or renos to do). it was sooo yummy!

then we had a family photo shoot with Ben which we are excited to see the results of. Ben has become such an avid photographer and we are so happy he was willing to do some family shots with the big belly. if we're still at home tonight, he's going to come over here for another photo session.

i totally felt like a princess last night, a tired princess, but pampered :) ahhhh how nice!

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Michelle said...

how exciting :) sounds like your body is getting warmed up for the "main event".