Monday, November 13, 2006

nov 13 woulda been great

its mom & richard's anniversary today
derek and i were both born on 13s
diedre was born on the 26th, thats two 13s

oh well...i went in for an assessment last night after having contractions 5 minutes apart for an hour (but not the take-my-breath-away type just yet). the nurse still wanted to check me out since its my second baby and all.

i was not even one centimetre dialated! i was sooo disappointed. the only good things about it are more days with our darling Diedre :) and that i got to see what i missed in the packing of my hospital bag and at least we know how long it will take us to pack up and leave for langley when it really happens.

its so hard not to be a big baby about the whole thing and whine and complain...i've been in alot of pain. i was up most of the night two nights ago with contraction pain, constant but not severe, but at times very painful, and then all day yesterday. i was walking lots and moving around trying to keep labour going. today i took a different approach, relaxing and seeing how many contractions i had. i still had many, but nothing consistent or progressive.

it is great to have more time with diedre. she is quite sick with a chest infection (she's been on treatment for a day now) so it would be better for her to be healthy before baby2 arrives. we were also able to pick up a "from baby" gift and my mom got a good start on the "i'm a big sister" shirt for her (we just have to iron on the design).

diedre has really developed a love of dancing, with or without music, so thats been fun, to cheer her on and watch her dance around. she's so cute :D

we have a dr.'s appointment tomorrow morning so if i'm at least a cm, he might try stripping membranes...we'll see what he says i guess.

its so weird, it really felt like i could feel myself dialating with the pain i was in...i guess i don't know my body like i hoped i would!



Jessi said...

And I'm a 13 too! aaawww...
Hey - if there is one time in life when you are allowed to be a big baby and whine about's definitely NOW when you have a big baby in you!!
Hang in there - and believe me, anyone who has been there won't mind your whining at all.

You'll have to get video of the dancing - that sounds so cute!

Michelle said...

wow, i didn't realize the whole 13 connection you guys have going on. that would be really cool if Baby was a 13 too. perhaps your baby will be 8 lbs, 13 oz. and born at 2:13 or something neat like that :)

we've been (obsessively) checking everyday for baby news :)

Alexa said...

I didn't know about all the 13's either, and to add some more. It was andy's mom and dad's and sister's anniversaries yesterday too.
i hope all goes well and we will be praying for you in the next few days.

The Cari's said...

I too have been checking your blog lots- it's like reality TV, well kinda! =) I can't wait to find out if it's a baby boy or girl, and of course what the name is... and how labour went, and what they look like... and... well, basically I'm excited for everything! We're praying for your fam and are so pumped to hear the great news. Stay strong mama! =)