Saturday, November 25, 2006

its a...

gonna be a few more days unless my body goes into labour on its own!

i called in to check in about my induction appointment at 6.30am, they said call back at 8am and the day charge nurse would let me know if they could see me today.

i called back at 8am, they said they are concerned about having enough staff because of icy road conditions. and to please call back at 8.30am.

i called back at 8.30am, they said they have four inductions on the list and were not sure yet how many doctors or nurses they had coming in. they needed more time to figure out if everything would be covered. this time, they said they'd call me back once they had everything figured out.

they called 2.5 hours later to say that i would be moved to tomorrow's list. my doctor would not be available to deliver after around 4pm today so from talking with him, they decided i should get moved to tomorrow but that i should be aware that i might still get bumped to Monday. there are two people on the list for Sunday but Monday's totally clear.

they requested that i would come in for a Non-Stress Test today around 3pm (maybe) but that i have to call first.

ahhh...what a crazy situation this has been. its a tough business getting a baby out of me apparently! i just wish my body would go into labour. what is the deal?!

so i decorated for Christmas today (except for the tree) and am enjoying listening to carols while my mother-in-law bakes cookies and the turkey :)

we are planning to have our Christmas dinner tonight with the slight chance that i might go into labour, or have a Stressed baby and need to be induced today anyway. but we all said we'd rather the turkey not go bad (we were planning to wait until Monday, but with everything STILL up in the air, we decided we better just go ahead tonight) and that leftover turkey is just as good.

my little Christmas village with a home-made lake.

carollers, nativity scene, and other festive decor. Posted by Picasa


Alexa said...

i'm sorry to hear still no baby... hopefully you got in today and the snow wasn't a deterrent.
I would like to bring you dinner. Let me know when a good time is. Maybe after Derek's parents leave.

Alexa said...

I hear the little boy has arrived!! Congrats. Can't wait to meet him. I can't believe his size for being so late, it's probably a nice thing though.

Michelle said...

congrats amanda! i read it on one of your friends' blogs :) welcome Ezekiel! can't wait to hear the full name and the details!