Wednesday, November 08, 2006

diedre's first night in a big girl bed

nov 6 06
getting ready for bed in her new room. we moved diedre into our old room so the baby will have her old room (its the smallest room). we decided to try her out in the new bed tonight.

getting pajamas on with daddy

not too sure about actually sleeping in this daybed...she has played on it, read books on it, and pretended to sleep on it...but tonight, she cried alot and was very upset to be in that bed in that room. it took 15 minutes for her to calm down. we were both with her for 10 minutes or so, then i left for a few minutes and she continued to be upset with derek, so i went back in and said "we should probably just give her a hug and say goodnight and go." so we did, and within 2-3 minutes she was quiet. she did fall out of bed at one point and i went and put her back in. she did not wake up from it. she slept until 7.15am (which is very late for her, she's usually up by 5.50am).

nov 7 06
i told diedre to go to her room, and she went straight to the new room :)
we tried again to put her to bed, several hours earlier (it was 10pm the first night, 8 pm the second night). she went right to bed without crying and slept all night until close to 6.30am. yay! she did not fall off all night. but she seems to think she is really high off the ground now with our bed, her bed and the couch (she will back off the furniture like normal, but then ask for help to get down when her feet are an inch off the floor).

nov 8 06
i put her down for her first nap in the new room/bed and she cried all the way to the room but went to sleep after a minute. we'll see how long she naps for. she naps on a single mattress on the floor at grandma's and always sleeps for 2-3 hours!!! Posted by Picasa


Michelle said...

was this diedre's crib converted to a day bed? i've seen some cribs that convert like that (actually i've seen some that go from crib to day bed to single bed!).

i know baby will be in a bassinet for the first while. are you going to put him/her into diedre's crib after that (and buy diedre another bed) or get another crib?

nice that diedre has some time to get used to her new bed and room before baby comes.. that's going to be a big enough adjustment as it is!

ellia just got her bed rail taken off of her single bed, and she's really doing well with it. she's always been the rolly polly one at night, but she hasn't fallen out yet :)

the salmon said...

diedre's crib is still assembled and will be used for the new baby (it would have been too much hassle to move it out of the baby room because it would have had to be disassembled first).

the white daybed is a crib that some friends picked up for us from a garage sale. it has a defective pin on the open side so it can't be used as an actual crib unless it was fixed. so it works out perfectly :)

at this point, we do plan to keep baby2 in the bassinet in our room for up to 3 months but i wanted his/her room free to be used for naps if need be.

its also way less of a headache to have each child's room setup ahead of time (although we will all be sharing each others closets because our new room has no closet space).

diedre has not fallen out of bed in two nights sleep and one nap so i guess she's doing great! we do check on her before we go to sleep and move her towards the wall.

Michelle said...

awesome. it would be harder to move diedre to this bed, just to move her again later. garage sale finds are great :)