Friday, October 31, 2008

one month comparisons

here are some one month comparisons of our three babes:

diedre at one month (march 26 2005)

diedre at one month and 7 days (since audrey was 9 days late, its my version of corrected age) (april 6 2005)

ezekiel at one month old (december 25 2006)

audrey at one month old (october 29 2008)

audrey is obviously the strongest and most bright-eyed of the three (although they all had very large eyes and seemed to look around and take things in). i guess each one gets stronger (diedre was 2 days late, ezekiel was 10 days late and audrey was 9 days late, so i think that makes a difference). in most of the pics of diedre at one month she had a floppy head. i know we were all impressed with how strong ezekiel was right from birth with head-control and that he rolled over at 2 weeks old! and audrey is even stronger with head-control then him, but not rolling over yet.

audrey got weighed and measured on friday, october 31.
10 lbs exactly
21 & 3/4 inches long
36.5 cm head size

diedre is 3 years & 8 months old
36 lbs
3 feet 4 inches tall

ezekiel is 1 year & 11 months old
27 lbs
2 feet 8 inches tall

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