Wednesday, October 29, 2008

audrey's 4th week up to 1 month old

enjoying the fall leaves together at the park with some kids we dont know

ezekiel loving the outdoors!

sweet baby audrey

brotherly love

diedre took this picture. ezekiel is playing with my hair for comfort/cuddle

audrey smiling at the swing's mobile

my mom trying to teach the kids how to feed ducks at this halloween event on saturday

ezekiel liked chasing the ducks

we went on a daytrip to nanoose to visit my aunt susan on monday

daddy's girls

ezekiel learned to pedal his bike today! (oct 29)

audrey is one month old!

so strong!

sisters :D

so the last month has gone amazingly well. i made sure to take my mom up on all her offers to come help out and to take the kids to the park etc. it really helped with my mother-guilt to get the big kids out to play and run.

i have been very relaxed with audrey and kept my schedule very low-key. we have been able to get out and about quite a bit but always working around naps and feedings and such.

audrey has gotten into the pattern now of going to bed for the night around 9pm and then waking for a feed around 1 or 2am then sleeping until 5.30 or 6am for another feed (which is when the big kids get up anyway) and then she sleeps for a few more hours. those early morning hours are when i eat breakfast, shower, visit the kids, clean/tidy and get ready for the day. one day she didnt do that sleep in and it totally threw a few days off (messier house that lasted for days). i dont exactly have a plan for what to do when she changes that up, but we'll just wait and see.

i'm really feeling blessed with the ladies bible study i'm a part of. its exactly what i need right now! i'm feeling pretty much recovered physically (except for when the kids elbow me in the stomach) and i have lots of energy.

i'm trying to stay positive but realistic that things will most likely change/get harder but its been a great month and for that i'm thankful!

derek has been fantastic taking care of the big kids while i take care of audrey. he has also taken on watching all three kids several times so i can go run an errand or shop. how wonderful! thank you honey! it feels weird to be able to go out without my baby since i did not previously attempt leaving a baby with him until they were much older. i'm very proud and thankful for his contribution to the family both thru work and parenting :D

here are many many more pics from audrey's 4th week up to 1 month old!

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