Friday, October 03, 2008

audrey 2 and 3 days old

oct 1: 2 days old

cuddles from her big brother. he is so excited every time he sees her that he jumps up on the chair, grabs a cushion and asks to hold her. he can even say "audrey" very well!

diedre holds baby zeke

ezekiel holds baby diedre

the bassinet shot

dancing diedre got some maracas from grammy & papa salmon

oct 2: 3 days old

first home visitors: karley and her two kids were soooo excited to see baby audrey. the ladies especially are very baby crazy ;P

cuddling with my princesses

audrey looking deep into my eyes

papa salmon has a princess on each shoulder

cuddling in daddy's arms

more pictures of the first 3 days of baby audrey

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Leah said...

Congratulations Salmon family, I am so happy for you all. Happy diaper days!!!