Monday, October 06, 2008

baby audrey one week old: oct 6 2008

our first week with baby audrey has gone really well. she seemed to be developing a bit of a good sleeping pattern of going to bed by 11pm or 11.30pm and not having her first feed until 4am or 4.30am. until last night, when she was up from 4.30am to 6am (but then she slept until 9am)!

it was late in the evening on the 6th and i thought: Oh NO! i forgot to get pictures of her today!

baby smile

baby dozing

baby surprised!

as for my body, it is slowly healing. i can tell i still have stitches and so i'm not pushing myself in any way. i have lost 20lbs by today's one week mark. i dont expect any more weight to "fall off" me so i hope to focus on eating healthy and once my body is ready, to start to walk and exercise using the Wii Fit (it really is exercise!).

Derek's parents are still here, and so i'm not sure yet how things with our immediate family will be quite yet. the kids are still excited about audrey, but they are also back to being distracted by their own interests now.

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