Sunday, November 23, 2008

ezekiel's birthday party

the spread for our car themed party. we invited our favourite babysitter to come join us and help me get the party prepped and then to help watch the kids. it worked out really well.

the car cake (not a CARS cake, but a car cake. perhaps a 1979 volvo?). i was about to make a red car, like Lightning McQueen from CARS but i read on the internet that the red coloured icing is very hard to achieve without it looking i decided to go with blue. later, some friends at the party commented that the red coloured dye is supposedly the worst for kids and if your kids are acting wacky, maybe its from having red dye. disaster averted. :D

about half of our guests :D it was a good turnout. we were definitely filled to the max. we threw the party in our empty suite downstairs. it worked perfectly as there was no clutter or extra items around. just the bare party-throwin' necessities! and there was a full kitchen to use for clean up!

the game: stick the "95" on Lightning McQueen

ezekiel was pointing to all his guests for who should go first. most of the kids went before he took his turn. i thought it was very sweet; both because he was letting other kids go first and also because he was observing how to play the game before taking his turn.

he did pretty well! you can see his "95" sticker that isnt totally stuck down yet, sideways right where it should go!

derek felt like santa ha ha

zeke made sure to say "Thank you!" after each gift and he seemed to try to make sure the person who gave it to him was paying attention. so cute!

blowing out the candles. i think i lit four or 5 of the "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y" letter candles, but he blew them all out.

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Stefanie said...

Cool cake! He's grown so much! Where does the time go?!