Monday, November 10, 2008

audrey: 6 weeks old

my mom and i and the kids went to crescent beach to meet up with my brother and give back his kids (who my mom had been watching for a couple days). i was nursing in the van (sorry for the dirty diaper in the background (eww)) while ezekiel was napping. so my mom took miles, diedre and poppy down to the beach while we waited for andrew to arrive with lunch.

a sly smile

a little crooked

her worried look

biiiig smile

she is cooing alot these days. its so precious! we love it. i'll try to take some time to upload video soon.

puddle jumping! they got so soaked they had water pouring out of their boots. they were soaked halfway up their bodies.

miles and diedre reading grafitti

around the six week mark she actually got fussy for a few days. not pleasant. but then she seemed to settle back into her usual sunny attitude.

ezekiel has been getting about one sticker a day on his potty learning chart. he insists that he is a "b boy" (big boy). i'm trying to give him opportunity to use the potty, but it works best when derek is around for it.

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