Tuesday, November 18, 2008

b boy

ezekiel talking about being a big boy (note how he says "b boy" so cute!) nov 18 08

ezekiel sings his own version of happy birthday nov 18 08


Anonymous said...

ezekiel is dressing himself!!! wow!!!!!!!!!! he sure is a "bboy"!

and i love his version for "happy birthday"....sound very "rocking":)
have a great week!

Stefanie said...

Awww Amanda, thanks! I'd love to hang out sometime, maybe let axl and your cutie pies play.

the salmon said...

or axl and sparky. we still have a poor doggy that doesnt get near the attention that the big kids get!

Stefanie said...

i forgot abt sparky!!! i love him! i vaguely recall reading a post where he was lost but apparently missed reading that he was found!