Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ezekiel's actual birthday

ezekiel's birthday began with the early arrival of the window renovation crew.

here is the large suite window before picture

the after picture of the same window

ezekiel loves watching people work so it was a fun birthday event. this man was cutting a square out of cement for a new window installation. we watched for awhile and then went out for breakfast.

some of my gorgeous family

after nap time, ezekiel opened his family gifts.

he was really happy about this dinosaur

he didnt quite know what this was, but once it got all put together he was LOVING it!

at dinner, he got some balloons, which he was obviously excited about! ha ha

then we went bowling

diedre gives it a good toss

very happy to be checking out the scoreboard.

well another year with ezekiel has flown by.

he is such a happy and thoughtful boy. he insists on being called a big boy.

he has become a great host and likes to share his snacks and even toys (impressive for a two-year-old!). he tries to do the same things his sister does (like open the fridge to get a yogurt or an apple, get spoons, cups, bowls for snacks, etc.). he can fully dress himself but i still pick his clothes out because i think he would make a big mess of them if i had them within reach. its very helpful that he can dress himself and get his shoes on the right feet!

he is also a sweet big brother and likes to hug and hold audrey. he's been sick, so i try not to let him kiss her too much, but he does like to do that too. he can be very gentle.

he is very daring and can jump off of things with great style, something i hope he keeps up so he can be a good snowboarder ha ha.

he is still a bit short compared to what diedre was around now, but weighs in at about 27 lbs. i measured his height and he is 2 ft 9 and 3/4 in. when the height of a boy at 2 years old is doubled, it supposedly gives the approximate height he will be when full-grown. so roughy, 5 ft 8 in. ezekiel actually grew 1 inch since November 2nd!

anyway, family life with three is going well especially when each child is so sweet! happy birthday buddy! you're awesome!

more pictures from his birthday

more reno info to come...

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