Saturday, July 05, 2008

11 weeks to go

july 5 2008
29 weeks--11 weeks to go!

i just had to show off my fun new pjs from JOE Fresh :) i know stripes make you look bigger, but they are such a nice stretchy/cotton fabric and feel so nice on. i love pajamas. i'm very tired here after a late night and very early (4am) bed guest (diedre). thankfully ezekiel slept until 8am.

baby3 is apparently into a rapid growth time now. it is 2.5 lbs and over 15 inches long. wow! my belly is definitely feeling alot heavier. i'm trying to make aquafit a regular part of my week now and i've been 3 times. its such a great exercise to do with a heavy belly. i am more tired these days and desperately needing night sleep, a good nap, and even another rest when derek comes home.

ezekiel (at 19 months) is doing really well with communicating these days and has many words and requests. he is a huge snacker and always trying to lead me to the kitchen for food or asking for a "gack" or "cheese" or "fish" or banana. he loves dora and calls the show "backpack" pretty much. he is a very happy kid and loves company (unless he thinks they are there to babysit which has happened a few times...i guess b/c we dont have company very often...).

diedre is growing bigger all the time (nearly 3.5 years old). she loves talking/singing about how big she is. she is pretty helpful around the house but sometimes the diva in her takes over and things are not so good. we are really trying (again) to crack down on some of her rude talking, or unkind behavior towards zeke, or general disobedience, so pray for us! ha!

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