Friday, July 25, 2008

busy friday

i had a dr.s appointment in Langley. it went well except that my weight gain was 7.5lbs in 4 weeks (a little higher than the 1lb per week i was supposed to be aiming for). the dr. asked if i was retaining water and i said " rings still fit fine, feet are fine...i think its all the cookies and chips maybe..." so he advised "maybe cut down on the cookies just a little bit." oh dear.

we took the opportunity of being in Langley to visit Cianna & Jasper.

jasper liked to look at her

he started to get fussy, but she calmed him down

she was very excited to go see "Sana" (Cianna) and "Baby Jasper" and she told me she was too shy so i would have to ask for her to hold him.

loving this little baby (almost 4 months old)

ezekiel is trying to tickle jasper

diedre even has the parental swat figured out, to get ezekiel to leave jasper alone.

zeke wants the camera.

after our visit, we headed to a spray park and playground to meet up with Auntie Heather and Joanna and the kids.

zeke was the powerhouse behind this twirling climbing structure. he walked around and around pushing it while the bigger kids climbed on it. what a little man!

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