Saturday, July 19, 2008

9 weeks to go!!!

here i am in my fancy new swim suit (i bought it at Motherhood in California for $24--the canadian suits are not nearly as fun (regular tankinis, only a few striped or solid options) and are $60; and this one has a flesh coloured belly piece so there is no revealing of the belly).

diedre shows off her belly too.

i've been feeling tired for sure, but that probably has to do with helping out with vacation bible school every night last week. i was basically overseeing the preschool section (ages 3/4) as well as being the craft lady and it was a little too much some nights. i took it very easy during the day and took the week off aquafit just to make sure i'd have evening energy. i love helping with vbs, we just needed more committed volunteers...wednesday we were very bare bones :S

it was really special to have an event to go to every night with Diedre. i felt like we were getting back some of the bonding we had lost over the last year. derek and ezekiel hung out all week except friday night when i took miles along to vbs and heather watched zeke for me. it was good for the whole family. one downside was that ezekiel woke up every night as early as 11pm and as late as 3am to come sleep with us probably because he missed me. i'm hoping next week goes better for sleep.

anyway, my baby newsletter says that the baby is just over 3lbs and that a growth spurt is coming soon. i'm loving all the motion and am looking forward to friday's dr.'s appointment to find out what position baby is in. this appointment will be the start of seeing my dr. every 2 weeks. its really coming to the end/beginning!

i cant believe we're down to single digit countdown (although, i'm somewhat prepared for it to be as much as 11 weeks to go). as i said before, i really want to avoid being induced this time as last time i was totally healthy and so was zeke inutero, so induction was not totally necessary.

if my writing is convoluted, i blame the Magic School Bus playing loudly in the background...but its the best way to get my blogging done ;P

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