Friday, April 18, 2008

18 weeks pregnant

well i finally felt the baby kick a few times. i've been so tired lately and it could be more growth spurts from this baby. ezekiel's been waking up every night and thats been so tiring. last night i let him cry for 15 minutes in the middle of the night (which derek slept through thankfully) and i'm hoping that might help reboot him to sleeping all night and not expecting me to go in.

i got some birthday money and went maternity shopping. i love pajamas and so i bought 2 pairs of maternity ones that were on sale and got two pairs of jeans as the pair i've had for 3 years doesnt fit that well this time around...i guess the body is ever-changing ;P

i'm looking forward to my ultrasound on april 28 :) so we can get a look at this little one.

UPDATE: ezekiel FINALLY slept through the night! twice!!!


mellenger said...

looks like you are having another football. very cute. poppy slept through last night too. well she cried a bit but fell back to sleep on her own. yeah!

the salmon said...

yes, it is good :)

i'm hoping we are going for 3 nights tonight!!