Wednesday, March 02, 2005

our first outing

we went on our first outing to the mall and to grandpa's favorite restaurant, Swiss Chalet. Diedre slept through the entire mall visit and woke up after i'd eaten most of my baked potato. i felt so versatile, feeding her in the restaurant. it went pretty well except that she was still eating when it was time to leave, so we stuck around a little longer.

here she is taking a short break from eating. the ride home was not great cuz she had a dirty diaper and was not enjoying waiting to have it changed.

i just love her good head of hair as you can see in this picture.


Oksana Buke said...

Dear Amanda and Derek,
Congratulations with a beautiful girl!!! I wish you all the best : the baby will be healthy and you will have a lots of love and wisdom and many-many blessings.

Enjoy this time!!! Baby is the miracle!!!

the salmon said...

thank you oksana :)

how special, we both had our girls!