Friday, August 22, 2008

gymnastics camp

diedre and some friends signed up for gymnastics camp. it was 5 days, 9am to 10am.

i got pretty tired of chasing ezekiel around by day 4 (and i missed day 3 ha ha b/c of going to radiohead tuesday night and ezekiel being sick the next morning so derek took diedre). so i brought a stroller for him today to keep him contained during some especially rascally periods (ie. highbeam).

it totally tired me out to go do this every day and diedre too! she napped most days and would just babble on non-sensically after the class (usually arguing with me about something like how she will have a popsicle when we get home; but i said there werent any there; but she wanted it...).

day 4, walking on a very low balance beam

earlier today, stretching

nice leap off the bench

doing the "bridge" on top of the big mat

certificate and ribbon: and the thing you fear most when they're handing out certificates happened...there was none for diedre so the teacher wrote her name on one while everyone else had been clapped for and was off getting candy...
she was still proud of course, she's 3!

but i noticed it was a certificate for intermediate class...but i'm pretty sure this was the beginners one ha ha. oh well, my Type A personality almost went back in to get the instructor (who obviously felt bad about missing diedre) to write out a proper one...but i figured the pink ribbon was more exciting than the paper anyway!

the teacher said that diedre was a good listener and seemed impressed with some of the skills she showed. that's our girl ;P
she definitely seemed to have more graceful skills than the boys in the class. she was the only girl, so it was easy to spot the differences.

see the full album of the gymnastics camp's last two days!

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