Saturday, August 09, 2008

6 weeks to go!!!

pregnancy 3
august 9 2008
34 weeks

wow. time will fly now. six weeks to go! i think the baby has dropped. my belly is feeling super heavy. after sitting for a few minutes, it hurts. after standing for a few minutes, it hurts. so i'm really trying to take things easy and enlist derek's help as much as he will let me ;P ha ha

the kids are doing great. ezekiel is talking ALOT and fast and hyper! he is very active and acts kind of crazy sometimes, but still has a great temperament. he is always trying to do things himself which i think is great. he is showing many signs of "two" like saying "no" "mine" "me do" alot. ha ha. he still doesnt listen great, but if i get him to look me right in the eyes when i'm talking it definitely seems to help. he kept insisting on putting on jackets last week when it was sooo hot. that was part of my reason for wanting to get rid of the furniture in his room. this one hanging wardrobe was where i kept his jackets and he could reach them, so it was alot of cleaning up what shouldnt have been messy!

i had one very successful day last week of organizing and minimizing around the house. i got rid of a large roll of carpet and underlay (on Freecycle) that we'd had for at least a year and also the kids furniture that was no longer necessary from ezekiel's room. i am probably going to lend out our change table to our tenant as we could use the extra room in ezekiel's room and we have room in the bathroom for a change station.

now i just need to tackle making up a newborn baby girl's and a newborn baby boy's clothing box for quick access once we find out what we're having. i have about 8 or more large bags of clothing to sort through as well as some (probably another 8 in various sizes) previously organized boxes. i'm not sure when/how to tackle it, but it would probably help if my kids were not needing my attention for a few hours, and i had the energy during that time. i'm hoping to weed out the items i dont want to keep at that time and then i can donate them. once i have all the clothes organized by age/sex then i can store the 6 months + ones back at my parents house.

we had a very great weekend with derek getting stuff organized around the house and yard. we picked up a new bedframe so that we could use the space under the bed for storage (joanna's suggestion). i need to store a few large baby items that i dont need until the baby is older (ie. exersaucer) and just some major reorganizing of our storage closet (to get alot of junk: tool boxes, sewing machine, climbing bags, instruments, etc.) out of our room. unfortunately there will be some heavy lifting so i'll have to really try to hold myself back from doing all that myself.

derek also did some work on our front yard retaining wall. once thats done, he will build a fence for the front yard and then he will get working on deconstructing the back yard (which includes tear down of our deck, levelling the hill, and then rebuilding fencing, decks (one for the hot tub), shed, etc.).


Jamie said...

Wow - only 6 weeks! It looks like you're carrying baby all out in the front :)

How did your kids like the airshow? We've thought of taking Micah, but we weren't sure how much he'd get into it at his age.

the salmon said...

our kids liked walking around looking at the planes most. i think they got a little bored sitting around for the actual airshow. there are bouncy castles and stuff there too for variety.

i think 4 years old is a fine age to bring kids, but just not for 8 hours like we went! and definitely going first thing is best as there are less line ups for checking out the planes.

Michelle said...

getting closer! hopefully things will cool down and slow down for you soon! it's hard being pregnant in the summer.