Wednesday, June 11, 2008

diedre's very bad night

last night was TERRIBLE at our house!

i was telling a friend that diedre has been a bit of a diva with the whole chicken pox thing. she will not let us apply calamine lotion or polysporin or even to look at her spots.

the spots have come out like crazy over night and in the last 24 hours she has allowed polysporin on some parts but doesnt seem to like calamine or the soothing oatmeal bath.

last night she stayed up, totally awake, until 2.30am and then slept for an hour and a half before she peed and needed a change. the poor kid prefers underwear, but she's not nighttime trained so its a bit of a battle (so what i do, is wait for the opportunity and slip a diaper on when she's not fighting about it).

she basically had tantrums all night: if her cup was put in the wrong place, wanting a new diapers, wanting no diapers, wanting underwear, demanding that mommy is there, then demanding that daddy is there, then demanding to sleep in our bed...i'm so thankful she has a queen bed.

so this is a groggy recollection, but it went a little something like this:
11pm last night i started in my bed (derek was with diedre),
12.45am then i moved to hers, zeke woke up and after derek tried to deal with him for awhile, we let her watch a princess movie in bed to try to stop a tantrum,
2.00am ezekiel came into her bed too (i think he was awake, not only because she was being so ridiculously loud, but also because he felt sorry for her. he seemed to want to comfort her),
they were both asleep around 2.30am
3.00am i put him back in his crib and went back to my bed,
4.00am diedre woke up needing a change so i went back to her bed
5.00am zeke woke up so i brought him back to my bed,
6.00am diedre woke up needing more cream and wanting no diaper, i dealt with her back in her bed where she demanded to be in mommy & daddy's bed but ezekiel was sleeping there so i really didnt want her to wake him up either...but she went in and cuddled with derek, i climbed in next to zeke again
shortly after that she wanted to go back to her bed with me so i went there for a short time until ezekiel walked out to find me around 7am or so
at this time, diedre was having a major tantrum again about not wanting a diaper on and derek was getting up for work so he went to see her while i got ezekiel his usual early morning banana and went and started watching kid's tv hoping to lure diedre out of her tantrum.

so diedre slept from 2.30 to 4am, then 4am to 6am and thats what she's functioning on today. she's doing pretty well for such little sleep.

ezekiel slept from 9 until 1am then 2.30 until 5am, then until 7am. wow. its almost naptime now and things are breaking down. gotta go!

i'm surprised she even let me take her picture as she seems to be saying "don't look at me," "don't touch me," "i don't want to look in the mirror because i don't like them."

here she is after trying not to smile

ezekiel is still feeling pretty good

showing off her belly spots a little bit

ezekiel showing off his belly.


mellenger said...

hmmm. and you wonder why i don't want poppy to get chicken pox. i'm not as brave as you. one vaccine for us please!

Anonymous said...

wow! and you´ve been calm all night?!
i would have freaked out!!!
praying really hard that the next night will be much, much better!!