Tuesday, February 05, 2008

forever sick

many things have been going on around here and through it all, the kids and i and derek have all been sick, on and off, but much more on than off! you can see the sick in the kids eyes :(

ezekiel is at a very clingy stage right now. he has days where he wants to be glued to me and then he'll have some days that i prefer where he comes over for a cuddle or hug, but spends a decent amount of time playing alone or chasing diedre around. she of course, can only handle so much little brother time, and will go into her room or his and close the door for some independent play time.

diedre was doing nearly perfect in potty training in the second half of 2007. after ezekiel's first birthday she took a significant hiatus from such grown-up events. now, just this week, she is finally returning to using the potty, toilet or public washrooms!!! wahoo! and even telling us when she has to go. we are so happy she has decided to return after a full 2 months off of it.

here she is using her squeezy paints she got from the Mellengers for Christmas.

ezekiel really loves to do what diedre does but he cant be trusted with paints (trust me), or crayons (for very long), or playdough (i let him play with all the shapes but he knows the good stuff is inside the containers and he bugs and bugs me to let him play with that).

he still loves anything round (balls) to play with and anything musical like his guitar or shakers or drum. he had a bun at the church luncheon and he kept calling out "ball" and throwing it around between bites. he has such a bubbly, friendly personality. he will give this super extreme smile every once in awhile when he's meeting new people.

both kids are still totally smitten with their daddy (which is great, because i can go out with much less tears or fuss these days). they love tickle time on diedre's bed and for a few months now, derek can just mention the word, and ezekiel will excitedly start walking (or crawling before he could walk) to diedre's room to meet him there.

here diedre is helping daddy run a "dead" wire (its not connected to anything live, dont worry) through the top of our new closet. derek is doing renovations on our closet to be able to fit the stacking washer/dryer and hopefully organize all our clothes.


Michelle said...

hope everyone feels better soon. any big plans for diedre's birthday?

the salmon said...

a mcDonald's party. and making a princess cake.