Sunday, February 24, 2008

birthday party attempt

diedre's birthday party was today at McDonald's but every invited kid got sick and cancelled. it was going to be a fairly small party, only three or four families (6 or so kids plus our two) so i was so disappointed when one by one i got the cancelation calls because i wanted it to be a special party for diedre.

we still went for dinner at McD's with my parents and then two little girls that diedre loves from our care group/church arrived so they had fun just the same.

she had a gift from my parents (and she was very excited to see them). she got a really pretty top and yoga outfit, a Dora book and a pretty pink poodle. and then my good friend joanna decided to stop by and deliver a gift because she felt bad that the party numbers had dwindled. so it went fine. we had a good time. i didnt prepare her cake because i thought we'd have another party or we'd just have it together as a family on her actual birthday (tuesday).

i couldnt believe derek could squeeze into this tiny slide! papere started by bringing ezekiel up high in the climbing structure, then derek did and went down the kids tube slide! i'm glad he didnt pop any bolts way up there. scary :S

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