Friday, November 01, 2013

Fall Back

I managed to make it all the way through the summer and then through the first 2 months of school. It was a challenging summer as I really found it difficult to adjust to having all kids at I was recovering from surgery. Once July hit, I was able to start back at the gym and bring all the kids into the childcare. Getting back to fitness was so helpful for my outlook and I was able to get through the summer much better.

I was so excited when school began...but it began a week later than public school because we were hoping to be in our newly constructed building...sadly, its November 1st and the building is STILL not complete. Its really difficult to remain positive and hopeful, but they say the building will be done...someday.

Bennett is over two now and has begun to show his willfulness. He's not super oppositional but somedays are much more challenging than others. I am trying to warn him and prepare him for whats coming next, hoping that he will concede to getting into the car, or walking, or holding my hand. It takes alot of fore thought and attention to do this, but i'm hoping it will result in less slumping and resistance.

Audrey turned five in September and we had a lovely birthday party for her. She started kindergarten and is blossoming. She has had some difficulty with the girls in the class at times...the girls need to use their words. 

Ezekiel turns 7 this month! wow! He is doing awesome in Grade 2 and has shown some amazing results in math. He is also reading now, which is so exciting for me to see, but still needs help sometimes.

Diedre is enjoying being a bit more grown up this year, doing field trips with older grades and expressing her personality through fashion and lovely hairstyles for school. The kids wear uniforms, so the style is in the hair or earrings she chooses during the school week.

I am happy to be back in routine and into my Bible Study. I'm also going to help out with the school PAC, called Helping Hands at our school.

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