Thursday, November 25, 2010

4 year old son

 my baby boy. born November 25 2006 at 9.54pm in a major snowstorm.
 one of many post-nursing cuddle times
 Here's the little man celebrating his first birthday
 his very excited smile that is a big part of his character
 here's my boy celebrating his 2nd birthday
 oh, there's that excited smile because the restaurant gave him some balloons! (never underestimate the joy a balloon can bring!)
 Here was our boy ready for his 3rd birthday at his Superhero party
 oooh, he likes the cake!
 here he is showing us just how super he is (at 3).

Now, presenting the birthday boy, 2010
 here's our guy, at nearly 4, enjoying a movie party with friends!
 showing me his fave toys from the party
 having his last cuddle with Dad as a 3-year-old
Here's my 4 year old son! excited about his last present on the night of his birthday :D

Ezekiel is a fantastic boy. He came into this world in such a way that I said "that was easy. thats how all labours should be! I could totally do that again" ;P

He has a great bounds of energy. He is happy, he is very positive, chatty, funny, excitable. He is focused, he is a quick learner with a sharp mind. We could not be more pleased to have a sensitive, thoughtful, pleasant son! We absolutely adore you and who you are becoming! God sure blessed us with you bud :)

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