Wednesday, October 21, 2009

April 2009

The highlight of April for me was our family trip to Whistler to celebrate our 9th anniversary. We dated and got married while living up in Whistler and lived there for another year and a half after we got married. its a special place to us and we were happy to bring the family to meet some good friends at Whistler Community Church on Sunday.

ready to hit the pool at the Marriott

note to us: next time, bring life jackets!

we happened to be up there during the Ski & Snowboard festival, Big Air competition which was perfect. it was free, lots of free samples in the village, Ezekiel LOVED it and said he wanted to do that too!

we went on the "new" Peak to Peak chair

soooo high up. it goes between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

a touristy shot :P

life had been pretty stressful with a new baby in the house, derek working extra to provide while doing renovations. i was getting really burnt out so the night away with the family really was refreshing. ahhh

We celebrated Easter and my Birthday at my Mom's home

my sweet family :) (and yes, that includes my fave niece & nephew--loove them!)

ah, just what i wanted :) cake

some of the family

Here i am on the morning of my 31st birthday after sleeping in (:

my choice of activity for the day was to go to my birth place, White Rock with the family and some friends

my lovely sister-in-law Heather and my brother Andrew

cute people over here too eating at Moby Dick's Fish n' Chips

it was a beautifully sunny day, not warm, but lovely

Derek took the stress off me and was super dad, as always :)

and i was soooo excited to see a live sea star at White Rock beach!!! this was the first time i'd seen any in my adult life (here, as they were here when i was a kid, but pollution killed them, so glad to see some life back at the beach)!