Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Happy New Year

here are eli and ezekiel playing together on New Year's Day morning. we stayed over and our friend's house so we wouldnt have to be on the roads with was a good party. we played alot of wii (my brother and i both got one for Christmas) and had a great discussion til the wee hours of the morning. just like old times.

diedre's circles are starting to look like the letters from her name...

a fun day at McD's with friends. all ezekiel could do is crawl in the bottom of this slide. thankfully they go up too steep for him to actually get away from me.

now that ezekiel can walk, we discovered he could play games like ring around the rosey

on a sad note, our kitty missy (only 8 months) got hit by a car just outside our house on tuesday night. it is reinforcing to diedre how dangerous cars are. R.I.P. Jan 15 08.


Jamie said...

That video is cute - I like Diedre's lyrics (ring around the hosey) and how she forced Ezekiel to fall down at the end :)

the salmon said...

yes, its been adapted from "ring around the horsey." i guess she likes horses or thinks we're all walking around like horses? maybe? who knows how the mind of a nearly 3 year-old works!?